John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Evaluation of Population and Reproductive Health Accountability Grants in Nigeria

EnCompass is collecting midline data and providing technical assistance in monitoring to seven Nigerian organizations receiving grants from the MacArthur Foundation under its Population and Reproductive Health Program. Working across 13 states, EnCompass is assessing the extent to which these grants achieve intended results and contribute to greater accountability among government (federal, state, and local) and health care providers for improving maternal health.

To build the capacity of these organizations, our team is delivering face-to-face workshops, providing in-person mentoring and on-going technical assistance. We are also conducting informal data quality assessments and providing detailed feedback to grantees on how they might improve their monitoring processes. This is a learning-oriented evaluation that illuminates what is working well, what can be improved in grant design and implementation, and what alternative pathways can be considered for increasing government accountability for maternal health in Nigeria.

Learn more about the participatory evaluation process here.

In 2015, EnCompass completed the Baseline Report, available at this link. 

In 2016, EnCompass LLC facilitated a monitoring workshop in Abuja, Nigeria, the aim of which was to share successes and challenges in the grantees’ monitoring efforts thus far, review tools and techniques for data storage and analysis, and review best practices on how to interpret and use data. Following the workshop, EnCompass hosted an Evaluation Design Meeting for the Midline Evaluation of Maternal Health Accountability-Related Grants Portfolio in Nigeria.  During the meeting, the grantee portfolio members successfully reached a shared understanding of the purpose and use of the midline evaluation and how it fits with the baseline and endline evaluations; refined the portfolio theory of change; developed midline evaluation questions to assess progress; agreed upon the sample states and list of stakeholders; and shared understanding of the use of monitoring data for the midline evaluation.

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