Project Date: 2012-2013

EnCompass and its partner, Georgetown University’s Center for Intercultural Education and Development (GU-CIED), supported USAID/Mexico's scholarship program for Master's degree students in education, peace, and natural resources. The students were placed in universities in Mexico and the United States. The EnCompass team ensured that students successfully completed their degree programs and re-entered their local communities in order to share their new skills and perspectives with their colleagues.

Project Date: 2010-2012

EnCompass supported a key UN organization by facilitating meetings and events and conducting training of trainers. EnCompass facilitators provided design and delivery support to enable successful and effective meetings. The aim of this work was to help groups of staff and stakeholders work together to solve problems, discuss issues, plan and implement activities, build teams, make decisions, and manage change. EnCompass designed and delivered five-day training of trainers workshops for program staff.

Photo c/o United Nations via Creative Commons

Project Date: 2012

Save the Children provides comprehensive training and critical job aids to community volunteers in Africa working with families with children, especially those affected by HIV and AIDS.  EnCompass developed a 7-day workshop and training manual for these volunteers and a 5-day train-the-trainers workshop and manual for the program managers to facilitate the workshop.

Photo c/o USAID via US Government Works

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Project Date: 2011-2012

EnCompass developed three classroom-based training modules on the topic of Youth Livelihoods, focused on Financial Education, Employability, and Entrepreneurship. These modules, comprised of 40 training hours each, helped the Peace Corps provide youth with practical skills development to improve their opportunities in the world of work.

Photo c/o Peace Corps via US Government Works

Project Date: 2004-2011

EnCompass provided organizational, logistics, facilitation, and reporting services on behalf of the U.S. Department of Labor’s initiatives to eliminate the worst forms of child labor around the world. Over the course of several contracts, EnCompass has provided the following services:

  • Organized and facilitated annual meetings of OCFT grantees designed to facilitate interactions among grantees from around the world, exchange knowledge on technical assistance and research, and help participants in understanding USDOL grantee requirements  (2005 and 2011)
  • Organized the 2011 OCFT Grantee Workshop that brought together 64 representatives of DOL child labor grants from 20 countries around the world
  • Organized a workshop on ...
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Project Date: 2010-2011

EnCompass conducted a mid-term evaluation of the Peace Through Development Program, which seeks to dissuade marginalized populations from joining extremist organizations by using community-based, youth-based, and media outreach efforts. The objective of the evaluation was to gain a deeper understanding of the counter-extremism initiatives that have been effective, and to incorporate these findings into the next phase of the program. The evaluation included fieldwork in Chad and Niger.

Photo c/o USAID via Creative Commons

Project Date: 2011

EnCompass conducted an assessment of the Trans-Sahara Counter-terrorism Partnership (TSCTP) in Mali to gain a better understanding of what has worked in Mali to mitigate support for violent extremism. Through a desk review and extensive fieldwork, EnCompass assessed the current TSCTP program, and provided recommendations to target, reinforce, and replicate the best practices by using community-based, youth-based, and media outreach efforts.

Program Manager Sharon Bean spoke at an on-the-record roundtable about "Priorities for Stabilizing Mali" in 2013. More information can be found here:

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Project Date: 2008-2010

EnCompass provided technical assistance to the Government of Botswana’s Ministry of Education and Skills Development to support the implementation of a curriculum to build life skills for school-going youth. The curriculum, Living Skills for Life: Botswana’s Window of Hope, is part of a major HIV prevention effort that targets every primary and secondary school student in the country.

EnCompass led the design and implementation of a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system for the project, supported teacher training and development of materials, and conducted an implementation evaluation. EnCompass led experiential workshops focused on strategic planning and participatory development of an M&E framework, and provided ongoing coaching and technical assistance to build...

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