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Project Date: 2016-2017

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EnCompass is conducting a two-part evaluation of the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) Global Equality Fund and the Dignity for All: LGBTI Assistance Program. Launched in 2011, The Global Equality Fund administers Dignity for All, which provides emergency assistance for LGBTI activists. The Fund also administers grants and engages in other efforts to support the LGBTI community, engaging in 80 programs in over 50 countries around the world. The evaluation will be used to develop a change model for the Fund, and enable DRL to measure progress in LGBTI human rights support. The mixed-methods approach includes interviews, focus group discussions, document reviews, and workshops, among other activities.

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Project Date: 2012-2015

EnCompass facilitated a culture change initiative for the senior management team to strengthen collaboration, learning and growth, and to retain high caliber people. Using a strengths-based approach, learning processes in this initiative focused on shared goals, communications, teamwork, and developing high-performance practices and accountability mechanisms for greater impact.

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Project Date: 2011-2017

SNL works to increase awareness and action for newborns through advocacy and research in 18 countries. EnCompass worked with Save the Children to complete an external evaluation of the program’s accomplishments, contributions, limitations, unique roles, and potential business models. The EnCompass evaluation team completed a desk review, stakeholder mapping, 70 telephone interviews, two online surveys, and made field visits to Bangladesh and Uganda for 58 in-depth interviews. EnCompass developed a theory of action, based on the outcome mapping spheres of influence, which was subsequently adopted by Save the Children in the development of the follow-on grant.

Based on this work, EnCompass was invited to join Save the Children to become the evaluation partner for the new grant --...

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Project Date: 2015-2016

EnCompass worked collaboratively with the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation to support their Relief and Resilience International Program. This program is focused on the community level, supporting vulnerable populations in low-attention disasters, disaster risk reduction, and climate change adaptation in the Sahel, Central America, and South and South-East Asia. EnCompass helped the Foundation refine the program’s theory of change and formalize a robust monitoring, evaluation, and learning plan.

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Project Date: 2012-2013

USAID’s PPL seeks to link policy, planning, learning, evaluation, research, donor coordination, and innovation through science and technology. In collaboration with USAID PPL, EnCompass designed and conducted an evaluative process that explored how well USAID’s Program Cycle has been understood, implemented, supported, and integrated into the organizational culture among missions and in USAID Washington. The evaluation focused on the Country Development Cooperation Strategy and Project Design guidance, and the integration of the Gender Equality and Female Empowerment Policy and the Climate Change and Development Strategy across missions and bureaus.  The EnCompass team used a multi-method research strategy that included: five country case studies and visits to USAID Missions in...

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Project Date: 2013

EnCompass conducted a mid-term evaluation of LWR’s five-year strategic plan. The team analyzed the effectiveness of implementation and management of the plan, whether the staff embraces the plan, and the extent to which the plan reflects work being done in the field. The evaluation process included a staff survey, interviews, an appreciative workshop and virtual focus groups with field teams, conducted via Adobe Connect. The analysis used outcome mapping to assess LWR’s logic model and the cohesion of various plan components. The results were presented at LWR’s Global Strategy Meeting and were used to inform the next phase of strategic planning.

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Project Date: 2010-2013

WHO established a Centre for Tobacco Control in Africa (CTCA), funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to help contain the tobacco epidemic in Africa.  EnCompass provided support to WHO in the selecting the host organization, Makerere University in Uganda, and assisted the new Centre in articulating a vision, as well as developing its business plan and a robust monitoring and evaluation system. EnCompass assumed the role of evaluator, and conducted two Annual Performance Reviews, including a Performance Review workshop with key stakeholders to help apply the learning to program improvements.

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Project Date: 2013

EnCompass conducted an evaluation of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Maternal Health Task Force (MHTF). This program serves as a space for convening, sharing information and knowledge, and developing innovative mechanisms to promote and publicize findings in maternal health innovative models. To evaluate MHTF’s work, EnCompass used an adaptation of Outcome Mapping as the evaluation framework,  and applied a mixed methods approach to gather and analyze qualitative and quantitative data from the evaluation target group. EnCompass completed 40 interviews, an online survey, document review, a research review, and analysis of secondary data.  The final report addressed MHTF’s progress, achievements, and challenges over its lifespan, captured the extent to which the...

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Project Date: 2012

Recognizing that leadership is likely instrumental in achieving successful quality improvement (QI) initiatives, USAID’s Health Care Improvement Initiative was interested in a better understanding of how leadership impacts QI program effectiveness. EnCompass conducted a study to identify the leadership traits and behaviors associated with effective and sustainable implementation of quality improvement in health care delivery in Honduras and Niger. The results found that a leader’s commitment, integrity, action/results orientation, collaboration, participatory orientation, relationship and influence skills, and learning orientation are important factors in effective leadership.

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Project Date: 2011

EnCompass led a change management consultation to support implementation of a five- year project addressing the challenges of providing logistical, administrative and information and communications to field missions around the world. EnCompass helped implement recommendations on restructuring for better efficiencies, facilitate work planning processes, and develop a communications strategy to address staff morale and resistance to restructuring.

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