Project Date: 2015-2017

Through the ADVANTAGE IDIQ, EnCompass was engaged by USAID to design a course on how to integrate GBV into USAID programming activities. The course, Integrating Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response across Sectors, is a blended program that engages participants at intervals over a 4-month period. The training includes virtual and face-to-face components, as well as practicum activities and a mentoring program. Various modules address GBV integration into programming in agriculture, conflict-affected environments, health, education, energy and infrastructure and rule of law.  Program participants form a community of practice to provide ongoing support.  EnCompass trainers deliver the course in Missions around the...

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Project Date: 2014-2015

EnCompass conducted an evaluation of the International Republican Institute's (IRI) political party development program in Tunisia. The evaluation focused on the IRI’s contributions to improving internal party structures, party communication, constituent outreach, strategic planning, and campaign tactics. Data collection included in-country interviews and focus groups with IRI staff, as well as interviews with political party members in several regions across the country. Results of the evaluation will help to inform IRI’s strategy for the program moving forward.

Photo c/o U.S. Institute of Peace via Creative Commons

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Project Date: 2012-2013

EnCompass conducted an evaluation for the USIP that assessed the effectiveness of a program to train new South Sudanese diplomats, and to build capacity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to do the training in the future.  Data collection in the field included interviews and focus groups with trainers, alumni, and government officials.

Photo c/o U.S. Institute of Peace via Creative Commons

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Project Date: 2013

A grantee of the National Democratic Institute (NDI), FEFA is an independent, nonpartisan Institution working to ensure that all democratic processes are implemented transparently through networking, citizen participation, and good governance. EnCompass assessed FEFA's program management, administrative and financial capacities, and offered recommendations for future organizational strengthening. EnCompass used an appreciative evaluation process that included individual stakeholder interviews and group visioning discussions.

Photo c/o USAID Afghanistan via US Government Works

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Project Date: 2010-2011

EnCompass conducted a mid-term evaluation of the Peace Through Development Program, which seeks to dissuade marginalized populations from joining extremist organizations by using community-based, youth-based, and media outreach efforts. The objective of the evaluation was to gain a deeper understanding of the counter-extremism initiatives that have been effective, and to incorporate these findings into the next phase of the program. The evaluation included fieldwork in Chad and Niger.

Photo c/o USAID via Creative Commons

Project Date: 2011

EnCompass conducted an assessment of the Trans-Sahara Counter-terrorism Partnership (TSCTP) in Mali to gain a better understanding of what has worked in Mali to mitigate support for violent extremism. Through a desk review and extensive fieldwork, EnCompass assessed the current TSCTP program, and provided recommendations to target, reinforce, and replicate the best practices by using community-based, youth-based, and media outreach efforts.

Program Manager Sharon Bean spoke at an on-the-record roundtable about "Priorities for Stabilizing Mali" in 2013. More information can be found here:

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