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Project Date: 2015-2020

EnCompass is supporting activities to integrate gender issues into design, planning, implementation, and evaluation of Mission activities. EnCompass provides regular gender reviews of evaluation plans and tools for Mission programs and implementing partner projects.

Support has included developing the gender resources such as:

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Project Date:

EnCompass collaborated with a Rome-based Food Agency to create a suite of just-in-time performance support tools (job-aids, templates, checklists, and short videos) for staff at country offices. In addition to the tools, EnCompass also designed an on-line learning platform where the tools are housed, and developed and delivered a series of virtual instructor led sessions on topics targeted to enhance and strengthen the expertise and capacity of agency leaders stationed at critical country posts.

Photo c/o United Nations via Creative Commons

Project Date: 2013-2015

PC Volunteer with children teaching agriculture practices

EnCompass supported the Peace Corp’s Food Security Program to revise a series of 18 training manuals on community agricultural practices that provide sustainable, adequate nutrition. PC Volunteers will use these manuals in the field as part of its engagement with the Feed the Future Initiative. EnCompass updated the technical content and presentation layout of the manuals to ensure ease and accuracy of use.

Project Date: 2013

EnCompass conducted a mid-term evaluation of a three year, USDA funded agricultural development program in Afghanistan--Soybeans for Agricultural Renewal in Afghanistan Initiative (SARAI). Working in Kabul, Takhar, and Balkh, the evaluation team gathered data through one-on-one meetings, focus groups, site visits to assess all aspects of this value chain project from monetization procedures to road construction to processing operations to micro-credit and consumer training.

Photo c/o United Soybean Board via Creative Commons

Project Date: 2009-2011

EnCompass was the evaluation partner for this initiative that promotes increased, high-quality reporting on agriculture and rural development and gender equity in African newsrooms. Evaluation activities included: facilitating evaluation capacity-building sessions; developing evaluation plans for the duration of the project; and assessing effectiveness of in-house training activities, coverage of agriculture and women in selected media organizations in Africa, and the overall coordination and management of the project.

Photo c/o USAID via Creative Commons

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