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March 14, 2014

“What We’re Reading” is a quarterly blog series that gives EnCompass staff a chance to share books you might find enjoyable. This installment features a selection from Vera Connolly, our Executive Officer for Training and Leadership. Please share your thoughts below, or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter (@EnCompass_World).

1. What are you reading?

“The Artist’s Way at Work: Riding the Dragon” by Mark Bryan, Julia Cameron, and Catherine Allen.

2. What inspired you to read this book?

As we explored the issue of work/life balance at our last company retreat, we were asked to reflect...

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January 29, 2014

It is easy to abhor gender-based violence. Who would not be against rape, torture, mutilation, sexual slavery, forced impregnation and murder [1] of women and men on the basis of their gender? Apparently, many people. That is, many people are not against gender violence. According to the World Health Organization [2], in 2013, 35% of women have experienced violence in their lifetime. Thirty percent (30%) of women have experienced violence in an intimate relationship; and 38% of all murders of women are by an intimate partner. Support for violence against women is reflected in the following proverbs [3]:


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July 01, 2013

We are at an important moment in evaluation. All kinds of people are engaged in evaluation, and sometimes they do not even call it evaluation. FastCompany named Nate Silver as 2013 #1 Most Creative Person in Business http://www.fastcompany.com/3009258/most-creative-people-2013/1-nate-silver. In this interview, Silver—followed because of his excellent predictive algorithms based on large data sets—said:

"there's a lot of ways to take a lot of data, mangle what you're doing with it, not ask good questions, and get yourself in trouble."...
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