Gender and Inclusive Development

EnCompass works with clients on strengthening their knowledge and skills to identify and address inequalities that prevent achievement of desired development outcomes. Many people are excluded from development because of their sex, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, poverty, or other socio-cultural factors. Such exclusion deepens inequality worldwide. EnCompass supports our clients—UN organizations, United States government agencies, and international non-governmental organizations—to implement inclusive development that enables all groups of people to contribute to creating opportunities, sharing the benefits of development, and participating in decision-making.

EnCompass’ approach to gender and inclusive development integrates the standards and principles of human rights—participation, non-discrimination, and accountability—and spans a range of program sectors (e.g., agriculture; conflict; democracy, rights, and governance; economic growth; education, energy and infrastructure; health; HIV; and rule of law) and geographies (e.g., Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East).

We provide a range of services including:

  • Analyses to identify existing gender inequalities such as gender-based violence, needs of marginalized groups such as LGBTI persons, drug users, and at-risk youth that can be addressed by activities, projects, or programs.
  • Assessments that inform how programs, projects, and organizational policies have addressed gender inequalities, gender-based violence, and the needs of marginalized youth.
  • Evaluations of projects and programs to strengthen support to LGBTI communities, increase gender equity, promote the rights of women, and strengthen human rights programs.
  • Training on integrating gender and gender-based violence prevention and response into programs and projects, addressing the needs of LGBTI communities, increasing women’s leadership, HIV prevention in prisons, strengthening police officers’ response to gender-based violence and violence against children, countering trafficking in persons, and increasing awareness of individual mental models and cultural norms that affect beliefs and attitudes regarding gender.
  • Technical resources such as case studies, toolkits, and technical briefs on topics ranging from integrating gender approaches and gender-based violence prevention and response in project and programs, understanding the gender needs of key populations, addressing the needs of children and adolescents who have experience sexual violence and exploitation, and early childhood development approaches for orphans and vulnerable children, including those living with disabilities.

Featured Projects

Ethiopian mother and child

EnCompass serves as gender advisor in a consortium, led by Pathfinder International, implementing USAID’s Transform: Primary Health Care project in Ethiopia. The consortium will work with USAID/Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Ministry of Health...

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