Education and Youth

EnCompass’ work with youth has focused on creating access to quality health care, education, and safe environments through which youth may prosper. We have helped clients design, evaluate, and implement programs on a variety of topics, including:

  • Improving reading in community schools
  • Increasing equitable education services for orphans and vulnerable children
  • Building life skills for school-going youth
  • Preventing youth from joining violent extremist organizations
  • Addressing sexual and reproductive health of adolescents

A significant share of our work has focused on assisting U.S. Government agencies and international organizations assess and evaluate their youth-targeted programs, train implementers on better youth-oriented practices, and design programs to achieve better outcomes.

Featured Projects

The Gates Foundation Global Libraries (GL) Program aims to build strong and healthy communities, businesses, and learning environments in developing countries around the world by providing free access to computers and the internet in public...

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