Sergio Cambronero

Senior Evaluation Advisor

For over three decades, Sergio Cambronero has worked with stakeholders and partners in over 25 countries across diverse urban and rural backdrops, to adjoin the assessment of development outcomes with the building of new capacities. Exploring contrasting topics and multiple sectors, his technical interventions have drawn lessons and examined emerging practices from development initiatives that hosted educational technologies in Guatemala, Peru, and Macedonia; assisted the productivity models adopted by women in the informal economies of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and El Salvador; and increased public sector capacity in the protection of labor rights in Tunisia, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. In Africa, he led assistance in building a six-country learning network on agricultural extension, and evaluated efforts in local capacity development, improved livelihoods, and biodiversity conservation.

Overall, the focus of Mr. Cambronero's work harbors emerging practices for building new knowledge and promoting evidence-based reflection to support timely and effective adaptation and improvement. In responding to hindrances presented by closed societies and constrained implementation, he introduces early context-driven iteration, opening reliable pathways for the adapted use of applied metrics and protocols.


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