Kathy Callahan

Vice President, Learning & Leadership Development

Kathy Callahan is an expert curriculum designer and facilitator who specializes in developing experiential learning experiences that honor adult learning methodologies and multiple learning styles. Ms. Callahan has a great gift for transforming assessment data into powerful, engaging, experiential designs, and her workshops consistently earn the highest marks in participant evaluations. She has designed and delivered dozens of workshops at the global, regional, and local levels, many of which have focused on HIV. She brings additional expertise in gender, behavior change, multicultural and international education, and working with marginalized groups. In addition, Ms. Callahan is certified in the design, facilitation, and evaluation of virtual instructor-led training, and she leads the EnCompass e-learning team, and has designed numerous e-learning programs for international and domestic organizations. 

Ms. Callahan holds an MA in Sociology, International Training and Education, from The American University.

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