Gene Spiro

Business Manager, GHPOD II

Gene Spiro has over 20 years of international development and project management experience in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Eurasia. He has extensive experience managing, evaluating, and assessing economic development programs, with focus on corporate governance and private sector development.

Prior to joining EnCompass, Mr. Spiro worked as a consultant with a number of organizations, including USAID, where he served on teams evaluating the Tunisian-American Enterprise Fund and the Enterprise Funds and Legacy Foundations in Europe and Eurasia, examining the individual funds and foundations and assessing their impact on private sector development with focus on their corporate governance, strategic orientation, and operations. His work contributed to identifying key lessons learned, barriers, or constraints that the Agency should factor into planning and design if and when these or similar investment funds are supported in the future.

Mr. Spiro also consulted with UNDP, where he co-authored UNDP’s Strategy for Partnership with International Financial Institutions, prepared a strategy for IFI partnership for UNDP’s Country Office in Turkmenistan, and conducted evaluations of private sector development programs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Mr. Spiro worked at Pact, where he prepared a strategy for the establishment of a legacy mechanism to support civil society in Ukraine.

Mr. Spiro worked at the International Finance Corporation as a Senior Projects Officer for Corporate Governance Advisory Services on development of strategic partnerships. Additionally, he oversaw the preparation of technical assistance projects supporting access to finance, Small- and Medium-sized Enterprise development, and public-private partnerships. While at the IFC, Mr. Spiro led a corporate governance assessment of a civil society organization in Indonesia.  At the Center for International Private Enterprise, Mr. Spiro led development of grants to businesses and civil society organizations supporting market reforms in the Africa, Middle East, and Eastern Europe regions, and conducted a corporate governance assessment of the Palestine Governance Institute.

Mr. Spiro holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and a Master of Arts in International Economics from the American University. He is fluent in French and Hungarian

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