Elisa Knebel

Senior Evaluation & Learning Advisor

Elisa Knebel is an award-winning communications specialist, training and curriculum designer, strategist, and evaluator. At EnCompass, Ms. Knebel designs multi-module e-learning and online products for numerous international organizations, including UNHCR, USAID, UNAIDS, and the IFC. She is also a skilled evaluator with expertise in conducting assessments and evaluations of projects and programs in areas such as knowledge management, tobacco control, maternal and child health, and mobile health. She is a skilled writer and editorial lead who regularly prepares evaluation reports, technical briefs, fact sheets, case studies, and other products in the areas of health and nutrition. She formerly acted as the Deputy Director of Communication for a USAID-funded quality improvement project, where she supervised translators, writers, editors, graphic designers, and multimedia specialists in support of communication production and acted as chief writer and editor for all organizational publications.

Ms. Knebel holds a Master of Health Science degree and is fluent in French and Spanish.

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