David Kihwele

QI Advisor, VMMC CQI, Tanzania

David John Kihwele is EnCompass' Quality Improvement Advisor for the AIDSFree voluntary male medical circumcision (VMMC) project, based in Tanzania. Dr. Kihwele has worked for over 34 years as a trainer, with experience in training of trainers (TOT) and curriculum development. He has previously worked with Associations and Minitries of Health in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Namibia, Leotho, and Swaziland, conducting trainings in quality of care and TOT in family planning. Most recently, he held the position of Director of Programs with the Family Planning Association of Tanzania (FPAT) for 5 years.

Dr. Kihwele holds Medical degrees from the University of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, and a Masters of Public Health from the John Hopkins School of Public Health. He has lived in Tanzania, Kenya, the United States, and Germany.

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