About EnCompass

EnCompass offers innovative solutions for organizational excellence.  We seek to enhance the impact and capacity of government and multilateral agencies, corporations, and nonprofits around the world through customized services in organizational and leadership development, training, technical assistance, and evaluation. 

Mission Statement

We bring intelligence, innovation, and inspiration to clients worldwide to support learning and achieve performance excellence.

Hallmarks of EnCompass' Work

  • Appreciative: Incorporating the systematic study of success into all of our programs enables frank conversations and increases participants' commitment to the outcomes
  • Whole systems thinking: Testing assumptions, and incorporating questions that uncover the cultural context and other factors that impinge on the success of the program
  • Sustainable learning: Engaging with clients, partners, and beneficiaries in a participatory learning journey that everyone has a stake in the process and results
  • Participant-centered: Exercising respect and humility in engaging participants and ensuring that methods are appropriate for each participant 
  • Equity: An inclusive lens is fundamental to effectively promoting democratization and development impact  

EnCompass offers a global and multicultural team of staff and consultants with a deep expertise in a range of issues including health, HIV/AIDS, gender, education and human rights. Our team is staffed with Masters and PhD-credentialed senior social scientists, anthropologists, sociologists, public policy analysts, researchers, trainers, facilitators, and organizational development experts. Our Global Consultant Network is made up of highly qualified professionals located in every region of the globe. 



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